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Check out this video of the Landini 7 series. A great introduction to its capabilities.

We decided to do a feature on how NOT to drive your tractor. Now, we are not saying that the Indian farmers and a few American farmers are horrible drivers, but they sure do have some very interesting ways of driving their tractors. Here are a few funny pictures of some “crazy” people driving their tractors. Out of experience, it seems that rednecks are born with a natural sense of determination. They will […]

Heads Tractor are running a special on Injector Pumps. The 38317 Injector Pump fits 212, 236 and 248 engines. Reliable and robust spare parts for your tractor. See below for the incredible price of these injector pumps. Contact us today >

Some people have very crazy ideas with how their tractors should look. Here are a just a few interesting ones. Although we would like to question this restoration, the engine however, has been done up very neatly. A comfortable ride for the whole family it seems. Not a real restoration, but it does look like one mean tractor. Imagine seeing this big guy driving down the road, or even better, […]

Heads Tractor are running an amazing special on the 27433N starter. It fits 212, 236 and 248 engines. LH narrow body.

One of Heads Tractors latest delivery – Commissioning of a Gallignani 5690 square baler near Pretoria recently.  

Despite Zambia’s fertile soil, favourable climate and the fact that the country possesses 40% of water resources in the Southern African region, it has not come close to realizing its full potential in the agricultural sector. Of all the land available for agricultural production, less than a third of the land is being used for cultivation.   Agricultural farming in Zambia surprisingly only accounts for 20% of the country’s GDP […]

We have a few specials that we are currently running at Heads Tractor on various tractor parts. Keep your pocket heavy by making use of our deals: • Perkins SLEEVE KIT (1sleeve, 1 piston, 1 set rings) Fits 152, 203 Price R332.00 excl • Perkins Conrod Fits 212, 236, 248 Price R 270.00 excl • Perkins Conrod Fits 152, 203 Price R235.00 excl. • Perkins Piston Fits 212 Price R232.00 […]

The rainfall this season has been nothing short of sporadic. With high rains in Kwazulu-Natal and flooding further up in Mozambique, we’ve seen an excess of rainfall in some areas. North West Province, there has been a definite shortage. In some areas cattle have weakened terribly – to the point where some of them lack sufficient energy to stand, let alone consume sufficient amounts of food.   The situation is […]

After recent violent strikes from farmworker’s earning an incredibly low minimum wage, and heated debates within government, a new minimum wage has been set for farm workers. Farmers and farm workers both find themselves in a difficult situation with regard to the minimum farming wage as it stood and now too as it stands. With the minimum wage being placed at R105 a day, one has to wonder whether poverty […]