Support Locally Manufactured Implements


If you need mowing, slashing, grass cutting, hay making, mulching, spreading or spraying machines with true value for money.... look no further. Heads Tractor is the official FALCON dealer in Pretoria, South Africa with equipment and readily available parts from an exceptional range of robust and high quality locally manufactured implements. In this case local is 'lekker'; built for South African conditions, no fluctuating exchange rates and short lead-times.


The range of slashers and haymaking equipment from Falcon is truely remarkable. With cutting widths ranging from 1.2m to 4.5m and cutting heights up to 320mm you will find the correct slasher for your needs from Heads Tractor. The Falcon Slashers are designed for medium or heavy-duty grass-cutting and slashing work. The off-set hitch is standard on both models and permits cutting up to a boundary fence. All Medium-Duty Slashers are supplied with appropriate, fully guarded PTO shafts and torque-limiting slip-clutches, ready for work.



The Fieldmulchers are specialised rotary cutters that cuts the grass and mulches and spreads it evenly over the full cutting width, encouraging quick regrowth. The key to better regrowth is regular pasture topping after grazing, which improves regrowth dramatically. Mulchers are also used when over-sowing rye grass for winter feed after the kikuyu grass growth has slowed down.
The Falcon Side Discharge Mulcher is the ideal implement for cutting and mowing cover crops, turning unwanted prunings into organic fertiliser in the form of mulch. The Side Discharge Mulcher comes with a chute cover, so that the branches slide gently over the cover instead of hitting the chute directly, thereby eliminating fruit damage. 


The Falcon Blowermower cuts and collects grass in one operation, and the cuttings are then blown into a strong reusable bag. If preferred, the bag may be left off, and the cut grass is then spread evenly from the chute. It is a very safe implement to use in public areas due to a completely enclosed cutting gear. A grass bag as an attachment available on all models (light, medium and heavy-duty).



The Rollermower is a low cost implement suitable for maintenance of all turf areas; from lawns to polo fields. Designed to give a neat and even cut; the ultimate implement for creating that aesthetic “Wembley” effect on sports fields, golf courses or parks. This is achieved by the rollers pushing the grass first in one direction and then in the opposite direction during the cutting process.



The Falcon Rotatang is one of the specialised cutters that can safely achieve a close cut without scalping. It is used for cutting and trimming fairways, sports fields, parks and housing estates, and can cut matted and seeded grasses. Each rotor is mounted independently so that each gang can travel on its own plane with strategically placed skid runners and anti-scalping rollers.