Implements with an optimal Quality to Price ratio


Nutritional demand and sustainability places additional burden on producers in a world that demands responsibility for reducing waste and fossil energy. Climate change will add to this already demanding task, with extreme environmental changes expected for developing countries south of the equator. Heads Tractor is the official ILGI distributor for the Northern parts of South Africa with a dealership network that keeps growing. Our product range comprises of Compact Disc Harrows, Trailed Disc Harrows, Subsoilers, Heavy Duty Cultivators, Chisel Ploughs, Heavy Land Rollers, Single Disc and Double Disc Fertilizer Spreaders, Mounted Boom Sprayers, Drum Mowers, Disc Mowers, Rakes, Windrowers, Feed Mixers and more. 

FErtilizer spreaders


Our range of tractor mounted or trailed Fertilizer Spreaders are ideal for high accuracy and minimum waste. These Fertiliser Spreaders provide accurate distribution and a very homogeneous spread, also properly reaching the borders of your fields. The options for spreading mechanisms include adjustable blades, two discs, hydraulics and application widths of up to 24 meters.


  • Hydraulically operated
  • Galvanized Steel options
  • Wide filling openings
  • Easy to fill (low profile) & easy to clean
  • Vertical or horizontal designs 



Our Feed mixers are complete solutions aimed at improving livestock agriculture and aimed at improving sustainability by making it easy to measure and control all the loading, mixing and dispensing operations with minimal waste, improved accuracy and reduced power needs.
  • Hydraulically operated loading bay
  • Two dispensing doors on each side with conveyer belts
  • Electronic digital weighing system for multiple recipes
  • High quality hydraulic channels independently operated
  • Simple, light and durable structures
  • Very quiet operation
  • Horizontally operating augers with special alloy blades
  • Smooth cutting and mixing for homogeneous feed mix
  • Durable gearbox system and clean hopper after dispensing


The heat-treated ground engaging parts of these Subsoilers are extremely durable and flexible to withstand shocks. The bolted clamps are part of a patented design to create a frame that is long lasting and suitable for harsh conditions and hard work. The leaf spring design offers obstacle protection that is simple, strong and reliable. Once an obstacle is encountered underground, the springs allow any tine to independently move over the obstacle and then automatically return to its original position to continue breaking ground.
  • Easy adjustment of tine spacing to set accurate working widths
  • Different spring configurations to suit different soil conditions
  • Fits all hitch configurations and quick coupling
  • Optional Rollers for leveling soil after ripping



The chisel plough is equipped with narrow, double-ended shovels, or chisel points, mounted on long shanks. These rip through the soil without inverting or pulverizing it. Rain and irrigation water can then reach the required depth due to this deep tillage with limited soil disruption. The chisel plough loossens and aerates the soil while leaving crop residue at the top of the soil. The points are made through iron casting and then heat treated to release the stress. The shafts are manufactured from rigit square tube profiles and the linking frames are made of steel laminate and shaped cut platinum sheets.
The chisel offers sheer protection through security pins, by allowing the pins to break and not the legs. This protects the whole implement from damage even in the most difficult soil conditions. The chisels come standard with a roller to cover and level the disturbed surface.

off-set Disc Harrows

Our range of Off-set Disc Harrows are extremely versitile implements and especially well suited for seed bed preperation and stubble processing as part of a minimum tillage strategy.
The designs focussed on minimum soil compacting and minimum structural damage while breaking up clods and surface crusts, thereby improving soil granulation and surface uniformity. These durable workhoses with 21 different options and styles, offer working widths from 2.5m up to 6m at a ground engaging speed of 15km/h. This offers optimum economy from a fuel usage vs ground cover point of view.
  • Trailed or hitch mounted options
  • Helix Rollers, Disc Rollers or Cage Roller options
  • Hydralically operated foldable frames for ease of transport (>4m)

sprayers and atomizers


Our range of sprayers are manufactured to meet all the different requirements of plant and crop protection treatments in either tractor mounted or trailed units. The designs offer versatile herbicide distribution methods and suitability for a wide range of applications in orchards, trees, open-field cultivations and spraying in plant rows. The different models offer several mechanical and hydraulically operated spraying booms together with options to suit the requirements of specific treatments. The models range from 400 lit to 2,000 lit configurations. 



Our range of Drum Mowers, Disc Mowers and Sickle Bar Mowers are available in a variety of options to suit cutting and reaping of a variety of plants, grasses and wild vegetation that typically borders roads. Apart from lasting quality, the adjustable cutting heights and designs that follow ground contours make these items highly sought after. 



Our range of tractor mounted Rakes as well as the trailed Hay Rakes are all easily hitched. These implements save a lot of time and energy and can be used on any field for separating and ventilating grass and stalks to speed up drying time. Our Rakes and their superior designs with folding and storage optimization also provide neat and cleaned windrows for later baling or loading. 



From a general efficiency and ease of handling point of view we offer a number of tractor mounted labour saving devices. These include Post Hole Diggers (Augers) for holes up to 300mm, Large Bag Lifters for lifting bags and weights up to 1500kg and Back Loaders for all those day-to-day and continual earth moving and road scraping jobs.