Power Technology


McCORMICK is also a proud Italian brand with production at the ARGO SpA factory in Italy. The superior technology in these tractors are matched by the cabin's top-drawer interior and exterior; so typical of Italian style. Working lights give the operator great all-round visibility even during night-time operations together with a lot of working comfort through arrangement of the controls. Heads Tractor together with ARGO and their dealer network in South Africa ensures that you will never be without top quality support, availability and parts.


The ISOBUS system allows communication between tractor, implement and on-board computer by synchronizing the data exchange for improved operating efficiency



The VT-Drive transmission is a continuously variable transmission (CVT) developed by McCormick that provides an infinite number of speed ratios from zero to the maximum speed permitted in the country of use



“The Human factor” is new software developed by Argo Tractors in co-operation with Università Politecnico di Milano and will be exhibited in the EIMA Service Center as a 2016 Technical Innovation.